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We believe that content creators will drive 3D revolution. That is why we are introducing the first platform that solves the problem of creating and embedding 3D and AR/VR content in an affordable way. The platform uses blockchain infrastructure to store and manage 3D digital asset copyrights.

CAPP token is issued both to store the digital asset rights and as a payment solution for the Cappasity ecosystem.

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The Cappasity platform is now live, and we’re working on a whole lot of new features and tools.

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The Cappasity Ecosystem Scheme

The Cappasity ecosystem is used by enterprises and ordinary users. The ecosystem encompasses content storage, a decentralized copyrights storage, CAPP Wallet, Internal Exchange, API for third-party developers, free utilities and modules allowing users to connect to the platform via websites, mobile and AR/VR applications. Developers will be supported through the Cappasity Innovation Fund.

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What are CAPP tokens and why are they needed?

We use blockchain infrastructure to store and manage 3D digital asset copyrights. CAPP token, an ERC-20 Ethereum token, is issued to store the digital asset copyrights and as a payment solution for the Platform Services.

We offer CAPP tokens for sale on our platform as an alternative and more convenient payment method for the Services. The price of CAPP tokens depends on supply and demand for CAPP tokens and for the Service and can fluctuate based on market conditions. If you purchase CAPP tokens, you represent that you are doing so for the primary purpose to utilizing CAPP tokens to pay for the Services and not as an investment. The CAPP token sale transactions on our platform are processed by Cappasity Technologies International Ltd, a Cayman Islands company (the “Payment Processor”), the issuer of the CAPP tokens.

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CAPP tokens enable us to encode 3D View copyrights to store them in the blockchain, this process cannot be done without the tokens. We will provide users with an API to validate copyrights or retrieve data of a particular piece of content.

How to purchase CAPP tokens?

We will provide users with an internal exchange that helps to purchase tokens in a convenient way to use them only within the platform. The tokens are also available on KuCoin.

What else are the CAPP tokens used for?

Users need tokens to rent and buy content and services within the platform. In addition, the tokens are used to support the third-party developers via the grants fund – the Cappasity Innovation Fund.

Developers of applications based on Unity or other engines

Developers that use content in their applications via the Cappasity plugins can utilize our technology for free, but they have to create copyright records for the content stored on their accounts. For instance, if a developer produces a VR store, he shall use CAPP to get the necessary licenses. In this case, we guarantee that the content will not be used in any other application since the plugin validates the data before the app is prepared to be released. Developers, for their part, voluntarily confirm that they have all the necessary rights on the created content.

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